Monday, April 28, 2014

So 3 years went by...

Ok, so, I haven't done anything with the blog for three years now. But that is mostly because I pretty much figured nobody was reading it. :p

You can see videos of my 2014 offerings so far: Starlight and Follow me... Also worth mentioning is of course last year's Spaceflight 3, which took a heck of an effort to put out. There's even more to hear and see if you're so inclined on my YouTube and/or my SoundCloud account.

Certainly things have been changing. I picked up a job at the local library, started volunteering at the local community center to help teach computers to people, and switched to Linux. I've put my gaming on pause since the beginning of 2014 to try and see what I can accomplish. So far- a lot, but I miss playing games, sooner or later I will return to it.

All of these life changes are the result of this book. Yes I realize it is just supposed to be a kids fantasy book about dragons. But to me, it is so much more. The story came at just the right time I suppose to cause a lot of introspection. I truly envy the character Clay.

Still using SkaleTracker for now, I've even gotten it fully functional in Linux. I really need to find a new tracker to use, I'm hitting the limits of what Skale can do. Maybe I'll try Renoise again, but last time I checked it out, it couldn't even do what Skale does now.