Sunday, April 17, 2011

Momentary peace

I've been distracted by World of Warcraft lately, when this happens everything else gets put on hold- including my music. Anyhow, this past week I've been watching a friend's house while he was away, and since my WoW account had run out I sat down and finished up a module.

I started it about 1 year ago, and the last part was completed this past week. It has some problems I know: it switches themes and styles way too much, and it leans on the VST fx as well. Some parts of it though are my very best work I've done to date. Maybe someone will enjoy it as I do.

I've uploaded the SKM files for my recent releases: Outer Perspective, Remnants, Dawn To Dusk. I haven't done very much to clean these files up, but feel free to d/l them if you want.

There is a bug I have discovered within Skale: the VST fx processing speed is *not* system independent. This is most notable with the delay FX- the faster the machine, the higher the delay needs to be set so if you d/l any of the SKM you will have to tweak it to make it sound right for your machine.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing these songs in skm file. For me is a great inspiration and fun to play with them :)

    I have already five songs in modarchive based on your skm files :D